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Open a New Indoor Playground Equipment In the Shopping Mall

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With the development of urbanization, children are now unable to find a playmate, which makes the indoor children’s park popular with parents and children, and has a bright market prospect. So how to open an indoor children’s paradise to make money has become a headache for many investors. Let’s let the angels and children’s park operators know how to do it:

First, indoor children’s park site selection:

The indoor children’s park site is relatively flexible. Large-scale commercial supermarkets, communities, hospitals, early education centers, kindergartens, etc., as long as the flow of people is large, the relatively concentrated position of children is more suitable to open a children’s playground .

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First-tier cities are full of shopping malls. Many shopping malls basically have indoor children’s parks. Therefore, the traffic is relatively scattered, coupled with high rents and high operating staff. Even if the business is good, there is not much profit. Therefore, the address is available in the community, hospital, and kindergarten;

2nd and third-tier cities, with relatively low rents and low labor, can be located in local landmark shopping malls or stores, or near communities, early education centers, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.;

Township cities, can open a large children’s playground in the commercial area and commercial circle with a large local population.

Second, the naughty castle business form:

The investment indoor children’s park is flexible and diverse. It can be opened separately and can be operated in multiple projects or in a joint venture.

Kids Indoor Park

Separately open a franchise franchise, the community with a popular location and a safe guest, the area is relatively large, and the theme of the children’s paradise is more abundant, which is conducive to attracting and surrounding families;

Multi-project operation, can open maternal and child living museum, baby swimming pool, etc., the business project selection in the hall will combine Naughty Fort and other projects, which is more conducive to creating a “one-stop” maternal and child service platform;

Cooperation and joint ventures can cooperate with local Shangchao. In cooperation with Shangchao, there are usually two ways of rent and joint deduction. If the shopping malls are cheap and popular, the rent is better. If investors are not sure about the popularity of the mall, then the way to deduct points will be more insurance.

Third, indoor children’s playground equipment:

It is the key to choose high-quality children’s play equipment in the indoor children’s park.

High-quality children’s play equipment has good image and high quality, and can maintain the high-end image of the park for a long time;

High-quality children’s play equipment can ensure the normal operation of the store and keep it attractive to children. Investors do not need to spend a lot of energy to maintain these equipment, saving time and money!

You can improve the park’s novelty by regularly replacing small equipment and keep the children’s paradise fresh.

Children Are Just Drawn To The Small Pendulum Rides In Parks

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Are you searching for a way to bring in more children to your park? Perhaps you are looking for a ride that is going to be both new and exciting. However, one that is not going to be too extreme for younger children. Trying to find the mix of kid-friendly and extreme rides can be difficult. However, we know that the small pendulum ride offers a decent ratio of kid-friendliness and excitement. In fact, having a small pendulum ride in your park can help to make it a star attraction for younger park visitors.

Small Pendulum Rides For Children

Small Pendulum Rides For Children

Let’s face it, no matter how young kids are, they want to ride the big kid rides. They feel as though they are missing out on something. And to some degree they are, bit for the sake of safety, there are just some rides they cannot enter due to height restrictions. One of those rides that they just desire the chance to ride is the giant pendulum ride. It should not be a big surprise, as this is a huge ride. It is bright, colorful, and loud. The people on it are screaming, laughing, and having a grand time. It is everything that is going to attract a child to a ride and when they are unable to get on, you can see the disappointment in their face. And let’s face it, an amusement park is not the ideal location for disappointment.

Which is why it is so important to have rides that are designed just for the kids. There are many mini versions of popular amusement rides, which have your younger park visitors in mind. One of those is the small pendulum ride for children and it has the potential to be your star attraction among the younger crowd. Designed in the same capacity as the large pendulum, this one does not feature such a large height, yet for the younger visitors, it still packs a powerful punch. You will be able to see smiles of delight as younger children board on this incredible ride. They will laugh with glee knowing that they have their own version of the big kid’s ride. It is a great way for kids to have a special day at the park.

Kingtiger mini pendulum ride

Kingtiger mini pendulum ride

If you are looking for a way to bring younger visitors into your park, having mini rides in one of the best things you can do. However, kids still like to have thrilling and exciting rides, with that in mind, you need something like a small pendulum ride to cater to their needs. It is an excellent way to bring a certain vibe to a specific area of a park as well as draw more visitors into the park. It is important to remember that kids are special visitors and there is a need to cater to their likes and wants. It is going to make a better park experience for them and give them a desire to come back to your park again and again.

Thinking about what a small pendulum ride would mean to your park today. More details about this ride, you can go to visit this link

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