How to Find Cheap Bumper Cars for Your Funfair?

Posted by Fedobad on February 24, 2017

When you are opening a new funfair or an amusement park, which kind of rides will you need for it? A carousel, trackless train, samba balloon rides, pirate ship rides, ferris wheel, bumper boats or dodgem bumper car rides? Maybe you need all of them. Among all of these rides, bumper cars ranked 1st, maybe, I say. In this way, there are many types of bumper cars, electric operated bumper car, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and water bumper cars, which one will you prefer? Maybe cheap bumper cars for sale with high quality you will choose. But to get cheap bumper cars for your business?

Wholesale electric bumper cars

First of all you should know that know the difference between these bumper car for sale types, different materials makes different price of bumper cars. Some light and inflatable bumper cars are cheaper than the fiberglass cars. To the same bumper car type, size would be the main factor. Mini, medium and large bumper cars will charge difference. When you are looking for bumper cars for funfair, you should consider the age group of the passengers you serve. If the main passengers are small kids who is under 10, you can choose mini bumper cars. Single and double seat bumper cars also have different prices.

Handsome bumper cars

After you have your prefer bumper cars, you should find a large bumper cars manufacturer not a supplier. You can find these manufacturer online, most of them will post phone or email on their website, and you can call or email them. Usually they will reply you immediately. They will send you the price quotation according to your request.

large inflatable bumper cars

Then when you have got the price quotation, you should decide the quantity of bumper cars you will purchased. Usually a set of bumper car from is expensive than 10 set of bumper cars. First of all, the freight you need to pay for one bumper car will not save you a lot. While 10 bumper cars may be cheaper than you buy one by one. Additionally, manufacturers will also give you a discount if you buy lots of bumper cars one time.

Bumper car, as one of the most popular amusement rides really benefit these funfair and amusement park owners a lot. They need low investment and low maintain cost which is different from the large mechanical rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel rides and pendulum rides. But different rides bring people different pleasure, you know?