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If you are a player in the flour business, whether your business happens to be baking ,brioche making biscuit making, milling, or catering, without doubt you will experience problems with dough, flour or technology.

Since 1997, we have been offering our clients both technical and commercial advice to the highest standards. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience of dough, raw materials, technologies , equipment and packaging practices .This experience is at the disposal of all clients in order to insure that quality products are consistently achieved.

We are able to offer you these services to measure and maintain the standard of quality and conformity you seek in your raw materials thereby insuring you have complete peace of mind. Similarly our quality control laboratories can analyse any bacteriological activity in your finished products and prepare reports and recommendations accordingly.

Our laboratories are able to do the following: Flour analysis from either wheat or flour.

Raw materials analysis and bacteriological analysis

Our Research & Development laboratory can also be a key to the development of your business when you need us. Our knowledge of dough could save you a lot of time in researching new products, for example. Why not send us your technical questions or even give us a task to solve or a requirement to meet. Come and talk to us, in the strictest confidence of course.

For even better results, our company designs tailor-made preparations and improvers adapted to your production environment: equipment, raw materials, processes…

Bread Improvers
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Bread Improvers