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Bread Improvers

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Bread improvers
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Bread improver suitable for all types of wheat bread, rolls, loaves and croissant

Improves the entire technological process
Increases the volume of the end product
Improves the soft part of the bread 

  • fine porosity
  • pliability and elasticity
  • reduced crunching
  • light color of the soft part

Suitable for all methods and processes in dough processing under various temperatures.

Dosage: 0.020% (20 g per 100 kg flour) of the flour weight, the dosage may vary depending on the flour quality.

Application: Put the necessary dose into the flour and then pour the improver with the water envisaged for kneading the dough so that the water scatters the improver in the entire flour.

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Bread Improvers
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Bread Improvers