The Most Popular Funfair Rides – Bumper Cars for You

Posted by Fedobad on June 21, 2017

When we open a new funfair, we planning to get new funfair rides for sale to decorate the funfair to attract more tourists and make tourists enjoy themselves in our funfair. Maybe we choose carousels, pirate ship rides, bumper boats, swing rides, pendulum rides and other different rides. But one of the most popular rides we may choose is dodgem bumper cars for sale.

As one of the most popular amusement rides, bumper car ride is a kind of mobile amusement equipment. There are many kinds of bumper cars which has made in the fairground rides for sale manufacturer’s factory.

Dodgem bumper cars manufacturer

One of the most traditional bumper cars we have seen in the funfair is the electric (ceiling grid or floor grid bumper cars) bumper cars. Electric bumper car usually include the bumper cars cars and special floors for running these bumper cars. There is a power grid on the ceiling or floor. There is an electric bumper car for passengers (kids or adults) to drive. Bumper cars are surrounded by quality rubber which are made of aprons. When they received power from the ceiling and they take electricity. Most of these electric bumper cars will contains 2 passengers. But some kiddie bumper cars mainly designed for personal use. There is a pedal that could accelerate the speed by passengers.

The other popular modern bumper cars is the bumper cars which powered by batteries. These bumper cars use 1-4 batteries in the body. When you do use them in the spare time. You should get them charged. This usually need 6-8 hours.

Dodgem bumper cars for sale manufacturer

No matter which kind of bumper cars you choose for your funfair, electric or battery bumper cars, they all belong to the electric powered cars. They draw power from the ceiling or floor or just the batteries they carry. Electric bumper cars has become more and more popular which is different from the stream bumper cars. These bumper cars are friendly to the environment.

Play Rules of Dodgem Bumper Cars

Drivers drive fast in the bumper cars floor to complete one circle in a short time. During the process, drivers could rampage, and drive away the opponent’s bumper cars. When time is up, the operator will turn off the bumper car. Though the speed of these bumper cars from is a little fast, but it will never damage bumper cars and passengers.

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