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Working Process And Features of Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

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Today, biomass charcoal is in great demand. As a result, the demand for the sawdust charcoal making machine has increased substantially. More and more businesses now prefer to install this recycling plant to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for charcoal. The process involved in charcoal making from saw dust deals with transforming loose wood dust into a compact form to make the raw material density more exquisite. Charcoal has a higher burning efficiency compared to conventional fuel.

The sawdust charcoal making machine from Beston Machinery is a sophisticated machine that allows you to generate charcoal of high caloric value in a lot less time. All you should do is feed the machine with the raw materials. The machine will keep on discharging useful charcoal 24 hours uninterruptedly. Let’s understand the process of making charcoal from sawdust.

Sawdust Charcoal Machine to Russia

Sawdust Charcoal Machine to Russia

Sawdust to Charcoal Process

Making charcoal with sawdust involves carbonization of sawdust. The charcoal carbonizing process is divided into four major parts. Each of these processing parts is explained below.


This is the first process in the carbonization process. The sawdust or wood shaving that you obtain from various sources contains moisture. Processing wet materials is difficult. To do away with this issue and increase the caloric value of charcoal, the sawdust carbonization machine features an integrated drying device. The drying device reduces the moisture rate in charcoal up to 20 percent in order to guarantee a higher caloric value to the final (charcoal) output.

Higher temperature pyrolysis

After the materials get dried, they’re moved to the charcoal machine. Here the raw materials are heated to a higher temperature of 100 degrees centigrade. At this temperature, sawdust decomposes to produce combustible gas and charcoal. Finally, charcoal gets collected after passing through a cooling system, whereas combustible gas is processed further.

Charcoal Making Machine to Spain

Charcoal Making Machine to Spain

Smoke discharge, sulfur emissions

As combustible gas consists of sulfur components, the sawdust charcoal maker from Beston comes equipped with the spray dedusting system to eradicate harmful elements. Finally, you get combustible gas. You can also use the recycled combustible gas to run the furnace of the charcoal machine.

Heated charcoal can run here and there after carbonizing. So the temperature of the furnace needs to be stored to 30 degrees centigrade before storing the final output – charcoal. That also makes the complete process safe.

Raw materials

Although sawdust is the main raw material, others materials are also used. Sorted MSW and sewage sludge can also be carbonized to make charcoal. You can also use coconut shell, rice husk, palm shell, and peanut shell.

Final products


On account of higher caloric value, charcoal is used as a fuel in the smelting industry. You can also use it in your home for warming and cooling purposes. Additionally, charcoal can be used for producing activated carbon.



Wood vinegar

Wood vinegar is a popular material used in the medicine industry for treating various diseases.


It’s a material that has better resistance to corrosion and wear. For this reason, it’s widely used in ships, oil paints, and mosquito repellent incenses.

Benefits of Sawdust Charcoal Machine

After getting familiar with the recycling process and final products of the machine, you would like to know what benefits the machine presents. As an investor, you may want to find out the advantages of investing in this recycling machine. Here’s a list of common benefits.

Modest investment

Most of the recycling plants are high priced. You’ve to expend a lot of money to start a waste recycling project. However, the sawdust to charcoal maker comes with a modest cost. Just check out Beston Machinery’s pricing chart, and you’ll be amazed to know how budget-friendly the sawdust charcoal maker is.


Despite being a heavy-duty plant, the equipment doesn’t pose any threat to the environment. Instead, the plant lets you use harmful waste that can negatively affect the surroundings and the environment.

Higher profitability

Probably, the biggest perk of this innovative plant, from a business point of view, is it yields better profits. Low cost of raw materials along with high production leads to higher profitability to any business.

Final words

The sawdust charcoal making machine is one of the best recycling projects to consider. Without investing a lot of money, you can get started in the field quickly. Just be sure you order the machine from a reliable manufacturer such as Beston Machinery in order to make the best use of your money.

Quality Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine

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The sugarcane bagasse charcoal making machine is a world-class option for those who are hoping to produce charcoal at a faster rate.

The days of using older methods that are inferior should be in the past. It is smarter to put this machine to the test because it can provide a range of benefits. Those who are putting their money into this are going to find a great deal that will continue to offer high returns.

Here is more on why this is the ultimate machine for your needs.

Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine

Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

1) Space-Efficient

How much space is it going to take up? This is a concern for businesses looking to add the biochar equipment for sale to their site as soon as possible. You don’t want to be left with a machine that is going to be troublesome or is going to take up too much space. Instead, you want something that is compact and easy to use.

Does this do the trick or is it clunky?

This isn’t going to get in the way and has been designed with one’s space in mind. This is key for those who are going to have a smaller space to work with as a business.

2) High Power

Th power output is going to sit right where you want it to be.

This is key for those who are putting their money into charcoal and want to produce it efficiently. All of the problems one may have faced in the past are going to be eliminated because of the high power output. The quality biochar making machine is going to handle all of the rigorous processes on its own.

This is key and is a significant need for those who are going through a lot of resources on a daily basis. This is going to do everything to keep things in motion.

biochar pyrolysis machine

Biochar pyrolysis machine

3) Equipped WIth Warranty

Getting a sugarcane bagasse biochar pyrolysis machine means investing in something for the long-term.

However, what happens if the machine breaks down and doesn’t work as it was designed to? Who is going to take care of it? The manufacturer sets up a 1-year warranty on the machine to guarantee it will be fixed and replaced if something goes wrong.

This ensures the processes will continue as needed and the charcoal will not be stopped along the way. This is important while investing in any type of machine.

Getting this charcoal making machine for sale is going to be one of the best investments a person makes. It is going to yield great returns and is on trend right now. A business can be built on the shoulders of this machine because it is going to create high-quality charcoal at a rapid rate.

For those who are hoping to invest in a reliable manufacturer (Beston Machinery), this is the one to go with.

It is going to take your resources and turn them into charcoal as efficiently as possible. This is essential while finding a good fit for the machine and how well it works.

Factors on Investing in Charcoal Machine

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